Thursday, June 21, 2007

More on MadKast to Pique Your Interest!

We thought we'd fill you in on a few more details about MadKast's progress. Almost all of the underlying technology has already been created. We have internal prototypes of our all-in-one, “sharing panel” and will hopefully have a hush-hush pre-beta release to our closest colleagues and friends most likely during the second half of next week. Tony Restuccia (at right), our CTO, is doing an amazing job writing the code that will power MadKast’s incredibly powerful and useful technology.

Though we can’t tell you too many specific details about the product just yet – so as to not tempt our potential competitors – here's a general overview of what MadKast will allow you to do once it’s fully up and running: you’re on a blog and you find a posting you’d like to share with someone you know. All you’ll have to do is click on the MadKast logo (shown next to the title of any blog post) and click on a friend or acquaintance and choose the method of sending (every conceivable way you could imagine!) and – viola – you’ve shared it! Piece of cake.

More soon, so stay tuned…..


A. Camden Walker said...

caaaant wait. sounds hot. last-half of next week, ehhhh????? ;D

mike henry said...

can you find a way to do this for news articles and other web tidbits too? blogs are good too. nice!!!

Josh Larson said...


We are starting with Blogs-only, but eventually look to expand to many other web destinations like news sites and online shopping.