Friday, November 16, 2007

Reflecting on BlogWorld Expo

Now that I've had almost a week to "recover" from Vegas, I think it's appropriate to jot down some musings from the Blog World & New Media Expo that madKast attended.

We found it an excellent networking experience as well as a great glimpse into the current status of the blogosphere. The booths we stopped by and people we talked to gave us an excellent window into what bloggers are looking for (including the importance of blog analytics and ad revenue). Since we are moving in the direction of having madKast be the one-stop-shop for turbocharging your blog (sharing, analytics, ads, etc.), this was great for us to hear.

We also attended several interesting and informative panel discussions; one that stood out for me was Raising Capital for Your New Media Business with Brad Feld, David Cohen, Dan Rua, and others.

It was also a pleasure to meet new people in emerging startups like ours. In particular, I enjoyed talking to Scott from Blogcosm. The premise of his site is that, while there's no shortage of blogging about blogs (meta-blogging?), no one site does a great job of assembling all of the data and putting it in context; I would agree him and look forward to seeing what Blogcosm rolls out in the coming weeks and months.

I also enjoyed meeting and talking to Dante from 7Search about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it relates to blogging. It was good to meet Jalali and Israel from Yovia, as well.

One of the highlights of the trip was drinking sake at Nobu with Ari Newman from Filtrbox, Josh Morgan from Intense Debate, the Lijit girls, Tim Wolters from Collective Intellect, Brad Feld and David Cohen.

So, all in all a great few days in Vegas for madKast and affirmation that the directions we intend to take madKast are ones that will appeal to a wide cross section of the blogosphere.


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