Monday, February 4, 2008

Evangicamp v 2.0 Wrapup!

While I was only able to participate in about 2/3 of Evangicamp last week -- due to the cold/flu plague invading Colorado -- it was a worthwhile and fruitful endeavor, much like the first Evangicamp. While the first Evangicamp was smaller, more focused, and more philosophical, we had almost double the participants this time around, so the tambre of the discussions were much less focused and more social. Neither experience was "right" or "wrong" -- just different. I'd like to mention a few (of the many) topics that were discussed.

One of the first topics we discussed was using Facebook or LinkedIn to reach potential users or bloggers. Often bloggers do not put their e-mail addresses on their sites, but do put their LinkedIn or Facebook contact information; this is an additional potential way to evangelize, even in the absence of direct e-mail addresses. We did, however, debate the overall effectiveness of these methods and I guess the jury is still out.

We also discussed the importance of going after certain verticals (i.e., food bloggers, or Mormons) as opposed to a more horizontal approach. And Micah Baldwin of Lijit discussed his company's recent focus on networks or associations of bloggers involved in the same activities or existing in the same or similar communities. They seem to have had decent success with this approach.

Though we talked about a whole range of topics, there's one last one I'd like to address. That is finding the right balance between contacting your potential or current users too much versus too little. If you contact them too often, a certain fatigue regarding your company or your company's product can set it among users, while if you don't keep in enough contact with them, they may become disinterested in your product. There is no hard and fast rule about the frequency with which you contact potential users/current users, but there certainly are subjective thresholds which one should be aware of.

I'm looking forward to Evangicamp v. 3.0 at some point in the future!

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