Friday, August 3, 2007

MadKast Has Officially Launched!!!
TechCrunch Gives Us An Awesome Review

Today marks the day that madKast has officially launched! It's been quite a journey getting here from Zemble to Boulder, CO with TechStars and the development of madKast, but we think it's been well worth it.

As of late Friday afternoon, we are up and working smoothly on approximately 125 blogs!

Even more exciting, TechCrunch, the second most-visited blog in the world, and the 636th most visited site on the internet, wrote a very positive review on madKast.

In addition, Brad Feld, one of the nation's most influential VC investors also wrote a glowing review of us on

As always, our number one priority is making madKast the single best sharing tool out there, and statisfying the needs and demands of all of our users. Please continue to send any and all feedback -- whether positive or negative -- to feedback AT madkast dot com, and please continue to spread the word about madKast!


William said...

Any chance of being able to place the Share link somewhere other than the title of the post? I think your widget has some promise, but if I can't move it to a different location I will probably uninstall it.

William Smith

Josh Larson said...


At the moment our icon only shows up to the right of title posts. Our research as shown this to be the ideal place, coupled with the fact that the footer of posts is typically so cluttered on some blogs that people pay little attention to it.

Our algorithm for placing the icon is actually quite complicated, and we are working on a way to allow the blogger to choose were it goes.

However, I hope that you'll see that the usefulness of madKast (increased readership, advanced analytics, shared ad revenue) far outweigh your aesthetic concerns.


Security Retentive said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be working for me. I've had several people try mailing, etc. and so far no luck.

Just a simple case of growing pains? Sort of like getting slashdotted in the olden days?

Will said...

Congratulations on the launch -- good luck!

Nicky Leach said...

Wrapping the icon in an ID'd div would make it easier to change the position via a little CSS - it's something I struggled with slightly in my implementation of MadKast. Overall though I'd say this is an awesome tool. I wish you guys the best of luck!

Chase Roper said...

Even though I haven't noticed anyone clicking on share icon yet, I think MadKast is really promising (I've only had it installed for a week.) Plus, I'm glad its up next to the post. I have the usual stuff in the footer, and I think usual blog readers tend to scan past those things.

Yam 飲者 said...

Weird experience here.
I've added the Share Link last night (by one-click to blogger) and it appeared at the end of each post title.
This morning when I reopened things, they have all disappeared and only appears in my sidebar archive -- beside the newest post title only.
I have done absolutely nothing. Have you done anything to change that? (BTW, I don't like it there.)

Josh Larson said...


We are aware of this problem affecting a small minority of blogs and we're doing are best to implement a fix. Hopefully it should appear correctly once again in short time.

Thanks for your patience!

mjulson said...

I placed Madkast through the code snippet on which is a site and it worked on the first refresh. I then used it to mail the article to myself. A few odd things occured.

1. The screen went black with the window appearing in the center. Not the end of the world, but I thought it was supposed to gray out the page behind. Turning it black looks like something went wrong.

2. I got the email, but all it had was the text that I wrote. it didn't include a link to the post I selected it on.

3. After refresh, the button's no longer appeared next to the titles.

4. I moved the script text around to various places, including the header file and it made no difference. It made my page load time go from a couple seconds to 6-12 seconds. I noticed that that privacy button in the bottom of IE blocked 10-12 items from Madcast.

I tried IE 7 and Firefox and the same problems occured, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the browser.

I hope you get the kinks out, the app looks promising if it works reliably.

Moshe Maeir said...

put it on my blog
nice. I would like also a button - blog it! which would open up a blog post on the bloggers post.

arahman7 said...

Still can't get it working. Am I missing something here?