Thursday, July 26, 2007

Official MadKast Site Now Up & Running
Blogs Are Talking About Us Too!

So for the past few week's madKast's home page has forwarded to our blog. As of this morning, however, we now have an actual landing page when you go to

There we have a nifty video which Doug created explaining the high points of madKast, and right next to it we have three ways for you to get madKast: copy the snippet of the code itself, or use our one-click install for Blogger or Typepad. In addition, we have some information at the bottom in the form of contact us, about us, terms, and a link to this blog.

We are now up on approximately 35 blogs at the moment, and I'm happy to report that some people are starting to talk about madKast on their blogs -- largely of their own volition.

Most significant, TechStars' David Cohen wrote about us this morning on his ColoradoStartups website! Thanks for the write up, David!

We're also happy about the fact that Noah Kagan has put madKast onto his site, OkDork. Thanks, Noah.

In addition, two other blogs have written about us in the past 48 hours. First, Carl Lenox mentioned us on his blog about renewable energy called Heliotropic. Second, Amanda Swanson mentioned us on her Pearls and Pugs website.

Finally, we're happy to report that four blogs -- oldebostonbulldogs, towards2012, jennlog, and thedailyvirtue -- have adopted madKast on their own; that means that they either heard about madKast somehow or clicked on the madKast icon on a blog they were reading and clicked "get this on my blog" in the lower right hand corner of the sharing panel. This is the kind of viral adoption we're looking for. Thanks guys!


Juan said...

2 things:

1.Internationalisation. Men, is very easy (few words), I do it in spanish (Im from Argentina) if you want.

2.Easy customization: Make it to easy populate the widget with other sharing sites (i.e.: Wy use "mené", I guess in Itely they should use other services, etc, etc, etc.)

Tony said...


Thanks so much for the suggestions, we'll be adding them to our list of enhancements. I especially like the addition of other sharing sites.


Chase Roper said...

I just found you guys on this morning and have integrated you into my blog. I love it! I'm also now a subscriber to this blog.

Chaseblogger welcomes you!

Thanks guys,


Marcel said...

Hi! I found you yesterday in Genbeta and I'm loving this new service.

The only glitch for me is that the share button doesn't show up in Opera. Is there is something you could fix at your side to make it work I will be very happy :-) (My tests were with Opera 9.22, K-Meleon 1.1 and IE6)

I'm for the internationalization too. I don't have problems reading English but I localized version would fit better in my blog (in Spanish)

Cheers and thank you.

Mark said...

Hi guys. Heard about you on Techcrunch and have installed the widget on one of my blogs to try it out.

How do I get the stats?

Good luck :)

Naomi said...

OMG that was me, thanks for noticing! And I didn't realize you were new, so good luck with your product!

Fresh Creative

Olde Boston Bulldogges

Anonymous said...

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