Monday, October 15, 2007

DEMOgala a Success!

As previewed in last week's post, madKast (along with two fellow TechStars' companies -- Villij & Eventvue) attended Colorado Technology Association (CSIA's) annual celebration of Colorado technology and innovation last Thursday. We had a live madKast demonstration going throughout the course of the day which showcased our share technology as well as some of our future plans as a company.

As I mentioned in our last post, madKast's own Doug Ludlow was one of three panelists who spoke during a session called "From Napkin to Market." The panel, and Doug's contributions in particular, was well-received. In one of the more colorful moments of the discussion, Doug argued for his view that non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with potential investors, mentors and future customers can actually be hindrance during the early stages of a developing company as they often stifle a free, organic exchange of ideas and brainstorming.

In addition to our demonstration booth and Doug's panel discussion, we had the opportunity to meet many new faces in the Colorado entrepreneurial and tech field. We also got to catch up with some of our business acquaintances including Todd (CEO) and Tara (rockstar evangelist) from fellow widget-startup, Lijit; people from Me.dium -- another Boulder startup -- and talk to Brad Feld (one of our key investors), David Cohen from TechStars David Brown, another important investor and mentor of ours, and Rob Hooke from EONBusiness Venture Capital.

All and all a great opportunity for us. And a heartfelt thanks to Brad Feld not only for sponsoring us to attend DEMOgala, but also for mentioning us in his keynote speeach!

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