Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Startup Weekend Wrap Up

So I'm back in Boulder (albeit a bit jet-lagged) after an excellent weekend in Boston for Startup Weekend! It was a pleasure to met and work with a whole slew of very talented people -- most of whom were from Boston or Boulder. In the period of 54 hours, we joined together to build a brand new startup company from the ground up: the result is

In particular, I'd like to mention Christina Greene, a new media consultant from Boston who gave me some great evangelizing advice as well as taught me how to create an engaging "Social Media Press Release" -- a.k.a. an SMPR.

It was also terrific to meet and learn from Laura Fitton who also had some great tips on evangelizing, blogger outreach, and branding.

Thanks to both of you, along with Andrew Hyde, and all of the other people who made Startup Weekend a great learning experience for me.

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